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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Spring Course Registration

The deadline to register for spring courses was Friday, January 27.  All courses you are currently taking should have been green as of 9:45pm that day.

You must look at your spring 2017 courses on Student Planning.

You are registered for a class only if it is GREEN.  If it is yellow, or grey, or not there at all, you are not registered and must take immediate steps to add it.

If a class is yellow and you are not taking it, there is nothing you need to do.

How to add a class and make it turn green:

If it is a lab, discussion section, recitation section, PE course, dance technique course, Rehearsal & Performance, or a class that has not yet started, or if you are switching sections of a course:

Come to the Registrar's Office, 107 Milbank, for the appropriate form, have it signed, and return it to the office.

If it is a full academic course and it is YELLOW on your schedule, you can add it by filing this form with the appropriate signatures.  The deadline to add such a course without a late fee is 4:30pm on Friday, February 3.  After that, a progressive late fee will be in place.

If it is a full academic course and it is either grey or non-existent on your schedule, you must petition to the Committee on Programs and Academic Standing to add it.  Consult your class dean, who can provide you with the link to the petition site.  There is a progressive fee for adding classes late.

Note that much of this information is posted on the Academics page of myBarnard, which is updated regularly and which students should consult carefully.

(Student Planning is your official registration.  What is on Courseworks/Canvas is not official.)