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Monday, March 20, 2017

Barnard Noyce Teacher Scholars Program

The Barnard Education Program is recruiting for The Barnard Noyce Teacher Scholars Program (funded by NSF Grant No. 1239945), which is for current sophomores (rising juniors) majoring in STEM (and other acceptable majors) with an interest in STEM education. The Barnard Noyce Teacher Scholars Program (BNTSP) seeks to recruit, certify, and mentor sixteen high-achieving Barnard undergraduates interested in teaching at high-need K-12 schools. 
The program equips scholars with the capacity to improve the quality of math and science education offered in their schools. Noyce Scholars and Fellows are some of the most sought after applicants for teaching positions nationwide! 

Scholar Benefits Include: 
  • Up to $15,000 of scholarship funding for your Junior year
  • $4,600 Summer Internship funding for research experiences in Science, Mathematics, or STEM education
  • Funding to attend Noyce Conferences and other professional conferences, such as NSTA, NCTM, AERA, or NARST while at Barnard and during your first years of teaching 
  • Mentoring by faculty in Education & Science or Mathematics during Student Teaching and during your first years of teaching 
Scholar Commitment:
  • Scholarship recipients must teach for two years in an approved high-need school district for each year of support received. 
    • 1 year of support = 2-year teaching commitment
    • 2 years of support = 4-year teaching commitment
​Interested applicants are encouraged to email Melissa Flores at with any questions; the FAQs are available here

More information, as well as application materials/requirements, are available at the website: 

The deadline to apply is  March ​24th, at 5:00 pm.