Monday, September 13, 2021

New Theatre Class in Collaboration with the New York Public Library: Ecologies of Transmedia Performance

Supported by Mellon Foundation, Ecologies of Transmedia Performance is developed in collaboration with the NYPL for the Performing Arts for Barnard Teaches, Real Place + Digital Access.

The intersection of theatre and new media technology has produced new forms of transmedia — intermedial, multisite, networked, and immersive performances. These performances may rely on traditional and emerging platforms, haptic and virtual reality technology, video and music mapping, and/or bodily and sensory augmentations. Exploring transmedia performance as both a medial interaction in the physical space of theatre and a multiplatform environment expanding and extending beyond it, this course engages the NYPL for the Performing Arts archive to create an environmentally and socially self-aware (digital) transmedia performance/experience.


To strengthen both academic and digital competencies, the course has two interrelated components. In the theoretical part, we will study the 1935 production of Jumbo and the notions of transmediality it brings forth, and the ways these transmedialities enlist our interaction, (interspecies) attachments, and thoughts. In the practical part, we will learn how to use specific digital tools, such as Google Sites/Scripts, Inform 7, VRChat, and Blender, required by the transmedia performance that, as the final product of this course, we co-create.


The course is open to all Barnard and Columbia students across academic disciplines. For Theatre/Drama and Theatre Arts majors, it fulfills one of the two required courses in dramatic literature/theatre studies/performance studies. 


Course enrollment is limited to 12; permission of instructor given after first class meeting.


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