Wednesday, October 6, 2021

How to drop a class by the October 12th deadline

Gone are they days when you needed a paper form and handwritten signature. Follow the easy online steps below to drop a class on or before the deadline. 

1. Contact your adviser to discuss and obtain their approval

Best practice is to have an advising conversation where you discuss options and any possible implications of this drop on your full-time status or your progress towards completion of your requirements, but depending on how much you and your adviser have already discussed things, they may accept an email request from you in place of a meeting. 

2. Your adviser will submit an online request via WebAdvisor to enable you to drop online via Student Planning.

You will only be able to drop online if your adviser has granted this permission. Be sure that you are not attempting to drop below 12 credits -- the system will not allow this. 

3. As soon as your adviser grants permission, you will receive an email informing you that you have permission to drop the class(es) discussed.

While this adviser permission is for the specific class you request, functionally it reopens your ability to drop in general, so be sure to drop the right class and nothing else. 

4. You will have two days to drop the class online via Student Planning.*

If you don't drop within the 2-day window, you will need to request permission again. 

*Note that you must drop on or before the drop deadline if you want the class removed from your transcript.