Monday, November 8, 2021

Still need to complete your PE Requirement?


Pre-Register for Spring PE (or Dance).  In addition to Body Sculpt, Yoga, Core Strength (Pilates) and Tai Chi, the PE department will offer these specialty courses.  

Note that Strength Training is back on the schedule!  

Health Coaching PHED BC1105 
Want to learn how to set and achieve your own fitness and health goals in a seminar setting?  Then you want this course in individualized health coaching. 

Advanced Running PHED BC2512 and Advanced Fitness PHED BC2518  
Do you RUN or WORKOUT regularly?  Can you do a 10-minute mile on a treadmill?    In these self paced, individualized classes, you complete your own workouts including cardio, weights and stretching.  Add it to your program . . .and PE will contact you about the pre-test which will be held in January.

Need more info?  Contact the individual instructor.