Friday, December 10, 2021

Further Clarification re Exception to P/D/F Policy

Barnard College

Dear Students,


In response to some questions that have arisen since the announcement on Monday evening of the College’s P/D/F exception for fall 2021, we are writing to clarify and highlight the following points. (The original announcement is also copied below.)

Students may elect P/D/F grading for one fall 2021 class that they will use towards either a major or a minor requirement. (The limit is one course. Students cannot elect one course for their major and one course for their minor. Double majors must choose one class towards one of their two majors.) Students may not elect p/d/f grading for senior thesis or capstone courses.
This class will count towards the overall 23-credit P/D/F maximum (the maximum is 22 credits for students who entered as transfer students) during a student’s Barnard career.
As is the usual policy, grades in fall 2021 classes for which a student elects P/D/F grading can be “uncovered” once grades are available in January. The deadline to do this is Friday, January 28, 2022.  The credits for classes in which the letter grade is “uncovered” are still counted towards a student’s overall P/D/F limit.
The Registrar’s Office will provisionally “approve” all P/D/F requests submitted between now and Monday, December 13, 2021. After the uncover deadline, if a student has elected P/D/F for multiple courses in their major or minor fields of study, they will be contacted by the registrar’s office and a grade may need to be administratively uncovered at that time.

This policy exception was made in hopes of alleviating the extreme stress that some students are experiencing due to the particular challenges of the current semester. We encourage each student to make their own decision about whether to make use of this exception.  


If you have questions about the P/D/F policy or need guidance on whether to elect P/D/F for a particular class this semester, we encourage you to speak with your adviser and/or department chair before submitting the election.  


Best wishes as you complete the remainder of the semester,


Linda A. Bell

Provost and Dean of the Faculty


Leslie Grinage

Dean of the College