Thursday, December 9, 2021

*NEW* one-time exception to P/D/F Policy: OK to P/D/F ONE major class this fall 2021 -- deadline 12/13/2021

Barnard College

Dear Students,


In recognition of the difficulties our community has endured this semester, we write to share an update to the College’s P/D/F policy for this semester.


The College is  instituting an exception to our existing P/D/F policy for Fall 2021 only, allowing students to P/D/F one course in their major, with the single exception of senior capstone courses. The P/D/F elected course will count towards major requirements if a passing grade is received. Students will have until the last day of class (December 13, 2021) to choose this P/D/F option and will have until the end of the second week of spring semester (January 28, 2022) to choose whether or not to uncover the grade in this class.  


We will strongly encourage those of you who are considering a P/D/F election in your major to consult with your advisers and/or the department chair before doing so, in order to understand the potential impact on your course of study and cumulative learning in your field.


We wish you all the best with your studies at the close of the semester.




Linda A. Bell

Provost and Dean of the Faculty


Leslie Grinage

Dean of the College