Friday, December 2, 2022

If You're Feeling A Little Stressed, Try This:


Furman workshop to help you with stress and time-management 12/7/2022

Furman Counseling is planning to hold our second START Workshop on Wednesday  (12/7) at 12pm at the Counseling Center (100 Hewitt Hall). Snacks will be provided. This will be a space for students to learn some tips on how to destress, manage their time, and relax as they head into finals season.

Thursday, December 1, 2022

Studying for Memory & Comprehension


Join the CEP for a workshop on studying for memory & comprehension on December 5th from 4:15 to 5:15pm in the CEP (Milstein 126). Recalling information is one of the most important academic skills and will be needed in almost all of your courses. Whether you are seeking to improve your study skills or preparing for an exam, this workshop can help you tackle memorizing and retaining large amounts of information through science-backed study methods and strategies. We will also create personalized study plans during this workshop. 

Friday, November 18, 2022

A little message from Life Up Barnard!


Hi Sophomores!

As returning students, we know you probably feel a little more at home at Barnard than you did a year ago. You have your routines, friends, and most importantly, a better understanding of where buildings are on campus! If you’re still looking for another extracurricular to be a part of and/or some new friends, we here at Lift Up Barnard wanted to remind you that we as a group are here for you!

In case you don’t know who we are, or would like a little refresher, we’re a student-led group dedicated to friendship and community at Barnard. Every week, we switch between having discussions about things like FOMO, stress, friend groups, and more, and having fun activities like origami sessions, movie/game nights, and other things like that. A few times a semester, we also take some off-campus trips to explore NYC together! In the past, we’ve gone to Hex & Co, Levain Bakery, a picnic in Central Park, and the Union Square Holiday Market.

It’s never too late to join our group, as we pride ourselves in being a welcoming space for all Barnard students, no matter what stage you’re at in your college journey. For the rest of the semester, we meet every Tuesday at 6pm in 327 Milbank. Send us an email at or shoot us a DM on Instagram at @liftupbarnard to be added to our mailing list or with any questions/comments you may have. 

We hope to meet y’all soon, and best of luck with the rest of the semester!


Lift Up Barnard

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Study Abroad General & France and Francophone Countries Info Sessions!

 Study Abroad in France Academic Year | Academic Year Abroad in France

Milstein Center LL001 (Hybrid)

Ever wondered about studying in a French Speaking country? Come and learn all about it here! This is a hybrid event which will be held in-person in Milstein LL001 and synchronously via zoom. 

Join Zoom Meeting (link here)

Meeting ID: 934 8466 9134

Passcode: 854974

How do I withdraw from a class with a W by the Nov 17 deadline?


The deadline to withdraw from a fall 2022 class is November 17. Withdrawn classes will not affect your GPA and you will not earn credit for them, but they will remain on your transcript, and a W will be entered place of the final grade. 

Note: You may not withdraw from a class if doing so would leave you with fewer than 12 credits.


To withdraw from a class, use this online form, following these steps:

1. Consult with your adviser.

2. Get an email from your adviser confirming they approve you to withdraw from this specific class.

3. Download that email as a PDF or save a screenshot of it.

4. Complete and submit the online W form, uploading your adviser’s confirmation email when prompted to do so.

5. You will receive an email confirmation once your W request is processed, ordinarily within two business days. 

Note that the W will not appear on your record until the end of the semester when final grades are entered.

Need an extra credit or two this spring? Here are a few options


Doing that degree-audit arithmetic and need one or two more credits?

If you're having trouble getting up to the number of credits you need and are looking for a 1-2-credit course to add, here are some options and tips. 

**Be sure to check course descriptions for special registration procedures or necessary permissions.

Know of something that's not on here? Email, and we'll add it!

1-2 credit course options:

1. Fulfill your PE requirement if you haven't yet.
Register online and be sure to attend the first class meeting. PE courses may initially appear in your myBarnard program as 0 credits and will then be transformed to 1 credit (if you are eligible) after the final registration deadline.

Pro Tip:
Unfortunately, there is little to no space in PE for students who want this as an elective. Only students who have not yet completed the PE requirement will be able to preregister for PE. Dance, on the other hand (see below!), often has space

2. Take a dance class
Dance classes may initially appear in your myBarnard program as 0 credits -- if you don't change this when registering, you can fill out the Form to Request a Point of Dance Credit.

3. Depending on your background and interests, here are some popular ways to enrich your academic experience while also adding a credit or two. 

Pro tips:

  • Some of these may be full, but you may be able to join a waiting list.
  • Be sure to check course descriptions for prerequisites or special registration procedures!
a. For students who sing, play an instrument, or want to know more about music:

b. For  students with some computer programming experience:
Programming Languages -- COMS-W3101.
Development Technology -- COMS-W3102

Check Computer Science Course Listings for current options. Sometimes these classes are added later than others, so if you don't see them now, you might find them during the fall semester.

c. If you're interested in Physics/Astronomy, Biology, Environmental Science

Contact your department to see if you can earn credit for supervised research in a professor's lab


Seminar in Current Research Problems (Physics) - 2 credits

Seminar in Contemporary Physics and Astronomy - 1 credit

Topics in Biology: Crossroads in Bioethics - 2 credits

A Day in the Life of a New York Scientist (EnvSci) - 2 credits

d. Workshops in some Social Science and Humanities fields:

ECON-UN2029 Fed Challenge Workshop

URBS-UN3990 Crisis Management & Municipal Government

AFEN-BC2022 ReMaking Shakespeare's Sonnets: Race and Intertextu-ality - 2 credits, application needed

f. If you're interested in Theatre, Dance, or Backstage work:
Practicum or Rehearsal & Performance (Theatre or Dance) -- for actors, dancers, stage managers, prop or costume makers, and theatre tech people. Check the course description to see who to contact if you are interested.

g. If you have background in some languages and want to improve your fluency:

Check the course listings for 2-credit Intermediate or Advanced Conversation classes in FrenchItalian, or German,

Or supervised readings in languages -- varies each semester: past options have included Dutch, Sinhala, and Zulu.

h. If you're interested in International Affairs, Political Science, and/or Economics: consider a "short course" at the School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA)
*search the CU Directory of Classes for "course date" to see when the course starts & ends*
One of the "short courses" offered by the School for International & Public Affairs (SIPA). Search The SIPA Catalogue or the SIPA page of the CU Directory of Classes for 1-1.5-credit courses. You can't just register online for these.  Here is the procedure:

  1. Check to see if the class you want is on the list of SIPA courses approved for Barnard students (forthcoming -- link will be added when available; in the meantime, use your judgment to assess if the class is academic as opposed to professional development)
  2. Contact the instructor to ask if there is space available and if it is appropriate for you given your background. Get any approvals in writing (email is fine).
  3. Contact your academic adviser for approval that the course appropriately fits into both your schedule and a liberal arts curriculum. 
  4. Upload both approvals when submitting the online add form.

4. Search Vergil for courses between 0 and 2 credits.
You'll have to scroll through a lot of things that may not help you, like labs for courses you're not taking, courses limited to class years other than yours, but this will give you the most comprehensive listing.

Pro Tip:
Check the detailed course descriptions in the Directory of Classes for prerequisites, restrictions, or special application procedures.

Tuesday, November 15, 2022


 Barnard Dining Thanksgiving Break

Staying on campus for Thanksgiving? Pre-order one or two meals from Barnard Dining before Monday, November 21, at 11 am. Then pick up your meal(s) on Wednesday, November 23 between 11:30am - 2pm from Hewitt Dining! (One meal swipe or 15 points per meal.) Order here or contact for more information!  

Hours of Operation November 23- November 27
Wednesday November 23 
Hewitt Dining: breakfast 7:30 am - 10am; lunch 11:30 am - 2 pm. 
Liz’s Place: 8 am - 2 pm
Hewitt Dining and Liz’s Place will be closed for dinner. 
Diana Center CafĂ© and Peet’s will be closed. 

Friday November 25  - Sunday November 27 
Hewitt Dining will be open for brunch 11 am - 3 pm  and dinner 4:30 pm - 7 pm. 
Diana Center Cafe, Liz’s Place and Peet’s will be closed.