Friday, February 12, 2016

Computer, Video Game Scholarships for Women and Minority Students

The Entertainment Software Association Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the Entertainment Software Association, is seeking applications for scholarships for women and minority students who are pursuing degrees leading to careers in computer and video game arts.
The scholarships support full-time undergraduate study at an accredited four-year college or university in the United States. Up to thirty scholarships of $3,000 each will be awarded annually, fifteen to graduating high school seniors and fifteen to current college students.
Applicants must be a woman or minority student pursuing a degree leading to a career in computer and video game arts (high school seniors must already be accepted into a program). In addition, applicants must be enrolling or enrolled in a full-time undergraduate course of study at an accredited four-year college or university in the United States; maintain a grade point average of 2.75 or above on a 4.0 scale (or its equivalent); and be a citizen of the U.S.
See the ESA Foundation website for complete program guidelines and application instructions.

Biology Faculty Panel

Are you or will you be enrolled in BIOL BC1001/2 or BIOL BC1501/2 lectures or associated labs? 

If so, plan to attend the Succeeding in Biology workshop with Professors Jonathan Snow and Diana Heller on Tuesday, February 16th at 2:00pm in room 225 Milbank.  

Your Biology faculty will suggest effective strategies for success in Biology (lectures, exams, lab). 

Lunch will be served, starting at 1:45pm!

Please send an email RSVP to  Friends are welcome to attend. 

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Fulbright Fellowship--Information Sessions

The first will take place from 5-6pm on Monday, February 15, in 104 Diana; the second from 12-1pm on Wednesday, February 17, in 328 Milbank.  Each session will cover the same ground.

Current Juniors and Seniors will be the only students eligible to apply in the next cycle, but it's good for First Years and Sophomores to think ahead.

Information sessions about other scholarships--e.g. Rhodes, Marshall, Mitchell, Gates, Luce, and Soros--will be scheduled later in the spring.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Spring 2016 Short Courses

Ensemble Rep (Intermediate level of Ballet or higher)
meets 2/6 - 2/21
last day to add:  2/5
last day to drop: 2/8

Solo Rep (Intermediate level of Ballet or higher)
meets 4/2-4/10
last day to add: 4/1
last day to drop: 4/4

ENGL BC3091  English Conference
meets 2/9-2/18
last day to add   2/12
last day to drop   2/13
requires English dept permission

COMS W3101   Programming Languages
section 01  Python
meets 3/25-4/29
last day to add   3/31
last day to drop   4/7

section 02    C++
meets 1/19-3/12
last day to add    2/9
last day to drop   2/16

section 03  Python
meets 3/23-4/27

last day to add:  3/30
last day to drop:  4/07

INAF U4420
Oil Rghts and Development
meets April 1 and 2
needs Jim's approval
last day to add: 3/30
last day to drop: 4/1

Summer Study Abroad

Summer Arabic Language Study Abroad Programs Information Session

Date: Friday, February 12
Time: 12 -1 p.m.
Place: 403 Knox Hall

Summer Arabic Program in Amman: This nine week program helps students strengthen their skills in Modern Standard Arabic by offering intensive language training. All skills are emphasized in the classroom and during tutorials. Group excursions, cultural activities, and a week long travel break give students various perspectives of Jordanian society and different venues in which to practice their Arabic

Middle Eastern and North African Studies ProgramThis nine week intensive summer program, in which participants travel to Amman and Paris, offers a multifaceted introduction to the languages, history and culture of the Maghreb, emphasizing the region’s relations with the Middle East and France. Students take the equivalent of a year of Modern Standard Arabic and receive training in the dialects of the Maghreb. The language program is complemented by a 3 point cultural and historical seminar featuring lectures by prominent specialists from Columbia university and partner institutions in the Middle East and France. 

For more information:

Applications deadline for Summer 2016: March 15th

Interested but can't attend?
Schedule an appointment to meet with Meg Booth (Meg Booth Advising Calendar) in 606 Kent Hall or email her at

Beijing Visual Culture Summer Study Abroad Program Information Session
Date: Fri, Feb. 12th
Time: 3-4pm
Place: 403 Kent Hall

This program explores topics in modern Chinese history through examining China’s changing visual culture from the late 19th century to the present. Taught in the bustling cosmoplis of Beijing at Peking University, this program will work with a wide range of visual materials, including fine arts, print media, photography, film, performing arts and architecture. Students will attend weekly field trips across Beijing and beyond, to explore visual cultures associated with imperial gardens, Old Beijing neighborhoods and opera houses, Communist monuments, and new indie art spaces. No Chinese language background required. 

Application deadline for Summer 2016: March 1st

Interested but can’t attend? 
Schedule an appointment to meet with Robin Leephaibul (Robin Leephaibul Advising Calendar) in 606 Kent Hall or email her at

Academic Assistance Resources--Help Rooms and Tutoring

Finding a class difficult? 

You’re not alone!

Barnard has a wealth of resources to support students’ academic success. 
See for more info on:
  • Professor’s Office Hours and Review Sessions
  • TA Sessions, Recitations, and TA Office Hours
  • Workshops on Key College Skills – time and stress management, effective note-taking, efficient reading, etc.
  • Wellness Resources – healthy mind and healthy body
  • Group-Based Tutoring, Mentoring, and Networking: Help Rooms geared toward specific classes or subjects, additional Programs and Labs
  • Individual/Small Group Tutoring
  • This section of the site is currently under construction. Please continue to check back soon for updates.
Pro Tip:  Go to all class sessions, review sessions, recitations, discussion sessions, even if they’re “optional.”  

 More info on peer tutoring 

FREE individual/small-group tutoring is available -- by and for Barnard students.

The mission of the Peer-to-Peer Tutoring program is to provide students with the support they need to succeed in numerous academic disciplines throughout their college career. The philosophy of our program is to ensure that students are receiving direct academic coaching and are learning to become independent learners. Through one-on-one and small-group tutoring, it is our hope that students will develop and enhance strategic study skills, and work closely with peers to become stronger students. We are asking all students who are matched with a peer tutor to share the responsibility of the tutoring process, and make a commitment to independent learning.

Tutoring is 2 hours per week, in groups of 1-3 students. We primarily support math, science, computer science, economics, and foreign language students, but other subjects may also be available on a case by case basis.

Feeling that office hours, TA sections, and Help Rooms aren't enough?  You may want to request a free peer tutor -- a fellow Barnard student who will work with you and one or two other students weekly to support your learning in a particular class. 

To request a tutor, make an appointment to discuss your learning needs with either Elida Martinez-Gaynor, Associate Director of Collegiate Programs, or with Rebecca Grabiner, First-Year Class Dean and Dean for Academic Assistance, using one of the following links:

Click here to meet with Rebecca Grabiner
Note: This link will take you to the "Meet with the Deans" website; scroll down for Dean Grabiner and follow the directions to make an appointment.



Do you enjoy working with your peers? Do you enjoy breaking down the writing process? Are you interested in methods of communication? BECOME A WRITING FELLOW.

Writing Fellows are specially selected and trained peer tutors who work with writers in all disciplines and at any stage in the writing process -- with a rough draft, notes toward a draft, a finished piece, or just the assignment. Writing Fellows staff the Writing Center and work with certain "attached" courses each semester. First-years and sophomores of ALL backgrounds and majors are eligible and strongly encouraged to become Writing Fellows. 

A list of candidates invited for an interview will be posted on Wednesday, March 2nd at 5PM outside Barnard Hall 216.

Information Session: Friday, February 19th, 1:00PM in 217 Barnard Hall

If you have questions about becoming a Writing Fellow, the application process, or the Writing Program in general, please contact Thank you, and we look forward to your applications!

Rebecca Kelliher
Program Coordinator, Barnard College Writing and Speaking Programs
222 Barnard Hall 3009 Broadway New York, NY 10027

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Women’s History Month 2016: A Call for Committee Members

Barnard Student Life, GS Student Life, and CC/SEAS Office of Multicultural Affairs are looking for students from the four undergraduate colleges to join the Women's History Month Planning Committee. Women's History Month will take place this March and committee members will shape the theme and develop a cohesive calendar of celebratory and engaging events. Committee members will help generate events and discussions on campus that explore gender and intersectionality,
​ and consider the
 significance of womanhood today, in our society, and at Barnard/Columbia

All are welcome and encouraged to apply by completing this Google form by February 5th: Questions? Email Emily Klein at