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Monday, November 20, 2017

Economics Help Room

The Economics Help Room will be open for its usual hours on Monday, November 20 from 7-9 pm, and then we will close for the Thanksgiving break. We will re-open on Monday, November 27.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Columbia Summer in Venice Information Session

Date; Monday, November 27
Time12-1 pm
Location: 832 Schermerhorn Hall

The Department of Art History and Archaeology and the Department of Italian offer a six week summer program based at Ca' Foscari University in Venice. The program uses an interdisciplinary approach to understanding Italian culture and society through study of its language, literature/film, art history, conservation, and history and the opportunity to gain a deeper appreciation of the rich Venetian culture, traditions and history.  The program is not geared toward any particular major, and students with no Italian language or art history background are eligible to apply.

Come hear faculty members from both departments speak about their course offerings as well as meet past participants from the program!  

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

How to View Your Position on a Waitlist

Reminder: when registration begins, you may be initially waitlisted for some classes -- don't panic! Faculty are managing these waiting lists and letting students in as quickly as possible.

To view your position on a waitlist for a course, you’ll need to log into SSOL (Student Services Online) using your Columbia UNI and password.

Once you log into SSOL, click on the “Registration” link on the home screen under the Academic Records section of the Your Data tab.

From there, click the “Continue with Spring 2018 Registration” button on the following screen.

You will be taken to a screen with both classes you are currently registered for and classes you are on the waitlist for. On SSOL, classes under the “Spring 2018 classes” refer to classes you are registered for and classes under the “Spring 2018 Wish List” refer to classes you’re on the waitlist for.

When you’re on the waitlist for a class, SSOL will tell you either your position on the waitlist or it will say “Pending Approval”.

If a class gives you your position on the waitlist, this indicates that the waitlist is automatic. This means that the waitlist for the class is managed by the online registration services. If a person drops the class, the student who is in position 1 on the waitlist will automatically be added to the class.

If a course says “Pending Approval” under the waitlist, this means that the professor for the course is self-managing the waiting list. Rather than students automatically getting into the class from the waitlist, the professor is individually reviewing students for admission into the class.

Special Registration Procedures for Barnard French Courses

If you are planning on taking a Barnard French class*, in addition to registering online, you must also fill out the very brief form at

*Not sure if your French class is a Barnard class?  It is if the course number begins with FREN-BC....  Find them all in the Directory of Classes by looking at Department --> French@Barnard --> Spring 2018.

Course Registration How To's

How to Access Student Planning:

How to View Registration Appointments:

How to Find Courses in Student Planning:

How to Add Courses to Your Schedule in Student Planning:

How to Register for Courses During the Preregistration Period in Student Planning:

How to Drop a Course in Student Planning:

Monday, November 13, 2017

Neuroscience and Behavior Program Planning Meeting this Wednesday!

Neuroscience and Behavior Program Planning
Wednesday, November 15th at 3pm
415 Milbank (Psych Dept)
Contact: Danielle Feinberg,