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Friday, January 20, 2017

Forte College to Business Leadership Conference

On Friday, March 31st and April 7th, 2017, Forté Foundation is hosting the annual  Forté College to Business Leadership Conference in Austin and Chicago. On Friday, March 24th, 2017, Forté is hosting the annual Forté College Fast Track to Finance Conference in New York City. These leadership opportunities are available to undergraduate women from all academic backgrounds. 

●       Hands-on business startup simulation
●       Leadership development and personal brand workshop
●       Summer internship recruiting secrets
●       Exploration of diverse business careers suitable for women of all backgrounds
●       Focused networking with top recruiters, executives, and recent graduates at the Company & Graduate School Expo

ELIGIBILITY:     Female undergraduates from ALL majors
LOCATION:      Dimensional Fund Advisors (Austin) and Dow (Chicago)
DEADLINES:    February 26th
COST: FREE! Travel stipends available! Apply early to be eligible
APPLY NOW: Submit a Short Essay & Resume Online

●       Build a winning personal brand
●       An inside view of investment management careers
●       Investment bank and sales & trading simulation workshops
●       Focused networking with top recruiters, executives, and recent graduates

ELIGIBILITY:     Female undergraduates from ALL majors
LOCATION:      New York, NY
DEADLINES:    February 19th
COST: FREE! Travel stipends available! Apply early to be eligible
APPLY NOW: Submit a Short Essay & Resume Online

Forté is a non-profit consortium of leading companies and top business schools. It works to launch women into successful and fulfilling careers. Forté has many programs designed just for college students including conferences, webinars, virtual campus microsite, newsletter and job center. Join Forté today!

More information is available in this Marketing Toolkit!

Psychology Lab--Spaces Still Available

PSYC BC1015 Psychology Research Methods Laboratory

A laboratory-based introduction to experimental methods used in psychological research. Upon successful completion of this course, students will know how to review the primary literature and formulate a hypothesis, design an experiment, analyze data using statistical methods, communicate the results of a scientific study through oral presentation and written manuscript, and carry out research studies under ethical guidelines. Students will be able to apply the acquired knowledge in all disciplines of Psychology and will be prepared to engage in advance research in fields including, but not limited to, Cognition, Learning, Perception, Behavioral Neuroscience, Development, Personality, and Social Psychology. 

  • As of Fall 2016, this course replaces PSYC BC1010. 
  • PSYC BC1001 must be taken prior to or concurrently with BC1015.
  • While BC1015 is not required, if you choose to take it, it must be taken as the first lab, prior to a Group A, B, C Psych lab.
  • BC1015 is comprised of a three hour laboratory section and a 75 minute lab lecture component.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

BLUEprint Program

The BLUEprint program is an 8-week cohort series focusing on social justice education offered through Barnard Student Life. Through facilitated dialogue, we will focus on the ways in which identity affects systems, as well as our everyday lives. The course will cover topics such as power, oppression, allyship, and liberation. The ultimate goal of BLUEprint is to allow students the space for challenging conversations by highlighting a multitude of voices and experiences of students on Barnard's campus. In doing so we hope to create a respectful community dedicated to promoting equity and solidarity. 

Any Barnard student is welcome to apply, regardless of knowledge of social justice related topics. 

Application here:

Friday, January 6, 2017

Hiring Notetakers

Barnard ODS is recruiting strong student notetakers for Spring '17 courses!  If you are interested in being a notetaker for any of your courses to help out your fellow students and earn some money for taking notes in classes you are taking yourself, please review our criteria for being a notetaker on our online application.  If this is a position you would want to sign up for, please fill out an easy online application!  


Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Study Abroad for Fall 2017

This is just a friendly reminder to file an Intent to Study Abroad Form via my Barnard if you are considering studying abroad during the fall 2017 semester. Please note that this form is non-binding; however, you should have a strong interest in seeing the study abroad process through. Also, you should have some idea of where you would like to go, including the program and/or institution you would like to attend while abroad. Click on the link below for a list of Barnard approved programs by region.

If you do not see a program that matches your interests and/or would like to review the study abroad process in greater detail, please email for an appointment with Dean Wendy Garay.

Happy New Year!

-Dean Wendy Garay

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Mount Vernon Leadership Fellows Program--Summer Funding


The Mount Vernon Leadership Fellows Program is a highly selective six week summer institute for rising college juniors offering unparalleled learning and networking opportunities at the home of America’s first president just outside our nation’s capital.

This is a FULLY funded fellowship.  Fellows receive an all-inclusive six-week program that provides housing, transportation, meals, and a $500 weekly stipend.

Application Deadline: January 11, 2017
Program Dates:  June 4, 2017 – July 14, 2017
Location: Washington, DC and Mount Vernon, VA

For more information please visit the website at or email

Friday, December 16, 2016

Important Information About End of the Semester Procedures

As the end of semester draws near, the Office of the Dean of Studies would like to go over several important pieces of information that will help you make it through the next few weeks. With the flurry of exams and papers looming, we want to be sure that everyone is aware of college policy and practice, so that if something should come up to impede your progress towards finishing the semester, you won't be taken by surprise. One of the most important things to remember: if you are experiencing any kind of difficulty, whether it be academic or health-related, don't hesitate to contact our office at 212-854-2024, and we will direct you to the help you need.

FINAL EXAMINATION INFORMATION: All instructors and students are expected to stick to the official exam schedule, unless a student finds herself scheduled for three exams within a 24-hour period or four within 48 hours (or, of course, if she is somehow scheduled for two exams at the same time). In the event that your situation appears to meet one of these criteria, your first step should be to go to the Barnard Registrar's Office (107 Milbank), where you will receive further guidance as to how to proceed.

DEFERRALIf it appears that you will be unable to take a final exam because of illness or emergency, contact a) your instructor FIRST, AND b) the Dean of Studies Office (212-854-2024) on the day of the exam, before the scheduled start of the exam. (There will be staff in the Dean of Studies Office as early as 8am during exam period). If the instructor approves your request, the dean will explain next steps. Deferred final exams for the fall term will be administered in January, at the end of the first week of classes, by the Registrar's Office. Your eventual final grade for the course will be joined on your transcript by an "X," which signifies that you deferred the final.

ILLNESS during an exam: If you become ill during an examination, inform the proctor, hand in the exam, and go directly to Health Services. If you've completed less than 40 minutes of a two-hour exam or less than one hour of a three-hour exam, you should qualify for a deferred exam (see above.) If you leave the exam more than 40 minutes into a two-hour exam or more than an hour into a three-hour exam, you'll be graded on the basis of the work you've completed to that point.

INCOMPLETES: Incompletes are to be given only in cases of illness, personal emergency, or other compelling circumstances. If you need to request an incomplete, and the instructor is amenable, pick up a copy of the incomplete form at the Registrar's Office, or online at the Registrar's site (, and proceed from there. (Please note that incompletes apply only to coursework exclusive of the final examination. For information about deferring exams, see above.)

GRADES: Final grades are indeed final. Grades may be changed only in cases of clerical error or in the event that for some unusual reason the instructor needs to reevaluate the work of the entire class. Grades may not be recalculated on the basis of reexamination or the submission of additional or revised work.

ACADEMIC INTEGRITY: As you write papers or complete exams, whether in a proctored environment or in the comfort of your residence hall, keep the College's Honor Code in mind. Under pressure, it can sometimes be tempting to make a regrettable decision, such as using untrustworthy and undocumented sources, collaborating on an exam, not following proper citation methods on a paper, or claiming someone else's work as your own. Keep in mind that doing something that might violate the Honor Code is never, ever the way to respond to a difficult or pressured academic situation. There's always a better choice. Also, as members of a community of scholars, we must appreciate that truthfulness and integrity in the pursuit of knowledge are essential to the successful functioning of that community. While violating the Honor Code can have serious repercussions for individual students, it can also do real damage to the ties that hold us together as an academic community.

ACADEMIC PROBATION or SATISFACTORY ACADEMIC PROGRESS WARNING: Please be advised that if you are on academic probation or SAP warning, incompletes or deferrals may have an impact on your academic standing. To discuss your probationary status, please contact the Dean of Studies Office at 212-854-2024. For more information, see the Dean of Studies webpage:

If anyone has any questions about any of these issues, please let us know, and we can help direct you to available resources and get you the help you need. I hope that while you're studying hard, you'll also be sure to get rest, take care of your health, and keep in mind that the break is just around the corner. Good luck with your exams and papers, and best wishes.

Additional Study Spaces

Looking for a place to study?

The Dean of Studies Office has you covered!

Study Rooms Available this week and next week:

December 13-15 8am-11pm - Barnard 117 and Barnard 118 (in Lefrak Library)

December 16-22 8am-11pm - Barnard 404 and Barnard 405.