Friday, June 3, 2022

Changed Your Mind and Want to Drop a Columbia Summer Course? Here's How

How do I drop a summer Columbia class?

If you are dropping a Columbia Summer class but not all of your summer CU classes, you may drop via SSOL.


I tried to drop my CU summer class on SSOL but I couldn't and was told that I have to withdraw. What does this mean, and will I have a W on my transcript?

This is most likely because you are attempting to drop all of your CU Summer classes (even if all = 1). Please note that Columbia refers to this as "withdrawing": this means withdrawing from the term; it does not necessarily mean that you will have a W on your transcript; that is governed by the Academic Calendar

In order to drop all of your CU summer courses, thereby withdrawing from the summer term entirely:

  1. Consult with your Barnard Class Dean
  2. Barnard Class Dean signs Approval to Withdraw form (click here).
  3. Student fills out Summer Non-SPS Withdrawal Request Student Form and uploads signed approval.
  4. Student receives confirmation from

Note that refunds and drop-or-W notations are based on the dates listed in the Refund Schedule and Change of Program Dates Calendar


I heard that this takes three weeks to process! Should I be concerned? 

Refunds, Ws, or other transcript notations should be based on the date of form submission, not the date the form is processed -- please be in touch with the Columbia Summer School ( with any questions.  

Additional reason not to worry: Unlike summer 2021, this year as in all previous years, Columbia Summer courses are considered transfer credit, so only completed CU summer courses that you pass with at least a C- and for which you have also submitted an approved Summer Course Approval Form will appear on your Barnard transcript.