Monday, June 6, 2022

I had fulfilled a Foundations requirement with a past class; why is it now showing in my Degree Audit as "pending completion" with a Fall 2022 class?


First and foremost, if this is happening to you, don't worry!

Second, FYI the Degree Audit is programmed to pull the most recent course that fulfills a requirement.  In addition, in response to student requests, the Audit is now also configured to show registered-but-not-started courses in the degree audit so students can more efficiently plan and review course selections.

OK great, but what if I drop a class that the Degree Audit thinks I'm going to use to fulfill a Foundations requirement?

If a previous course was approved for this requirement, the past course will go back to where it was and the requirement will be fulfilled once more.  It's a good idea to check after dropping a class to make sure this happens.  If it doesn't, use this form to request an update to your audit: Not sure if a past course was approved: check the searchable list of all courses ever approved to fulfill Foundations requirements (this new comprehensive list replaces the old "Snowbird" site).